Foster Hope

Purple Hope Day

Our inaugural Purple Hope Day was proudly celebrated on 21st November 2017, commemorating the third anniversary of the untimely passing of Auckland toddler, Valentina Warren. Initiated by Valentina’s devoted parents, and in association with Foster Hope, Purple Hope Day celebrates the life of Valentina whilst treating children in care with a truly memorable day of fun.

Valentina is remembered by her parents as a particularly loving, empathetic and compassionate child and Purple Hope Day is the perfect way to honour the memory of their very special daughter. Sophia says Valentina’s empathetic nature aligns with the values of Foster Hope. “Foster Hope felt like a really good fit and I definitely think this is something Valentina would be drawn to and feel really proud to be a part of.”

Dubbed Purple Heart Day in honour of Valentina’s favourite hue, participants and supporters are encouraged to wear their favourite purple outfits to commemorate the Auckland toddler and her devoted family. “She was drawn to anything purple. For me, now, since she’s passed, I’m drawn to anything purple as well,” says Sophia. Purple Heart Day is a day to spread joy and happiness to these special children in the lead up to what can be a challenging time of year.

Throughout the year Valentina’s mother Sophia coordinates fundraising initiatives such as movie screenings and premieres, to raise funds to provide an exciting day for children in care in the lead up to Christmas.

In the past Purple Hope Day outings have been celebrated at Kiwi Valley Farm in Henderson Valley, with close to 150 children in care enjoying an incredibly special day in Valentina’s memory. And recently our Purple Hope Day treated 750 children in care and their families to an exciting day trip to the Auckland Zoo which is our largest event ever.

So, if you would like to be a part of this very special day and support over 100 children in care (celebrating in Valentina’s honour) please click the donate button.

All donations are tax deductible and are very gratefully received.