Every year we run our annual new pyjama drive leading up to winter. One of the reasons that we specifically ask for new summer or winter pyjamas (aged 0-18 years) is that many of these children have never had a brand new pair of their very own and knowing that someone has shopped especially for them is a huge boost to their self-esteem.

We want this to be a positive experience as some children in care can feel a bit like second hand kids themselves.

Anything we can do to help them feel loved and valued is a huge part of what we do.

Click to download  PJ Media Kit

Here are some ways you can help us reach our goal of collecting 10,000 pairs a year:

  • By donating Pyjamas:
    These could be from you personally or why not pop a box up at your work / gym / hairdresser / kindergarten / school or ask your friends to help on our behalf.

  • By holding a ‘Pyjama Day’:
    Have you ever wished you could go to school / work in your pyjamas, well now you can and for a good cause too! Just set a date where the staff / pupils of your organisation are welcome to wear their pyjamas for the day. They can bring a gold coin donation towards the purchase of some Pj’s which you can either go out and buy or donate to us online. It couldn’t be easier or more fun!

  • By donating money:
    All monetary donations will go towards purchasing Pyjamas if you select the Pyjamas item on our Donate page.