Flat Packs

Some of our Foster Hope branches send out ‘Flat Packs’ for young people who are ageing out of foster care into the big world. We work in partnership with organisations who mentor young people through this stage, giving them a flat pack to support their move into adulthood. We want to show these teenagers that there is a whole community out there who really cares about them and wants to help. These flat packs contain new household items which fit inside a Flexi tub. Each flat pack costs approximately $150 to put together.

Due to volume restrictions in the Flexi tubs we have to be careful about the items which go into each one. We are restricted by our storage capacity and therefore we would like to only receive monetary donations towards the flat packs.

These kids just need a break so why not consider offering your spare room for boarding. Sometimes it’s as simple as offering a place for them to stay which will make the big wide world out there just a little less scary.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in the middle of your NCEA exams and having to worry about where you’re going to sleep? You could be the difference between a child making a difference in the world or slipping through the cracks.

Contact Person

Karen Ross
Karen RossFlat Pack Co-ordinator

I am a grandmother and retired credit officer having worked for Scottish Pacific Business Finance for 13 years. I have been a supporter of Foster Hope since 2011 and am the Transition Co-Ordinator where I look after the creation and distribution of Flat Packs which we provide to teenagers ageing out of Foster care to help them on their way.

I speak at numerous Auckland engagements on behalf of Foster Hope each year and along with my cousin Dianne McIntosh, we look after the storage unit. When required, I call on my ex-workmates to lend a hand which is rewarding for everyone as well as being very helpful to us. I am enjoying my retirement and Foster Hope is certainly keeping me busy always on the lookout for bargains for our packs.

Here are three Auckland based groups who work with young people:

  • Dingwall Trust

  • Youthline

  • Youth Horizons