Where should I take donations?
We have 8 branches around the country so click on your region and you should see a range of drop off points around that area.  Our regular drop off points take items to go inside our backpacks, new pyjamas and new Christmas gifts.   We’ve set up clothing drop off points for good quality 2nd hand clothing and our “clothing angels” will sort, pack and distribute these items directly to social workers throughout the year.

How do the kits get distributed?
We supply packs to agencies like Child Youth and Family, Open Home Foundation and Barnardos. As we are completely dependent on donations of both products and money to purchase goods, we strive to make up as many packs as we can but at this stage, can not provide a pack for every single child going into care in NZ. If you’re an agency based in one of our regions and would like packs, please contact us with your details.

How can I help?
Please have a look here to see all the different ways you can help us with our cause.

Why do you only accept new pyjamas in your annual PJ Drive?
One of the reasons is that many of these children have never had a brand new pair of their very own and knowing that someone has shopped especially for them is a huge boost to their self-esteem. We want this to be a positive experience as some foster children tend to feel like a bit like second hand kids themselves. Anything we can do to help them feel loved and valued is a huge part of what we do.

Can I distribute kits in my area?
We have 8 branches around the country and plan to make up all the packs from these bases. If you’re based outside one of our regions, please contact us and we will see if we are able to arrange transport to send you packs from one of the branches.

Do you need clothes for the packs?
Due to the wide age ranges of the packs, we’d rather not add clothes inside. Our pack may be set up for a 7-11 year old and we wouldn’t want to include clothing for a 7 year old and then find out that the pack went to an 11 year old. However we are collecting new underwear for the 2-5 year packs as these are always in high demand.

Can second hand items be donated?
Yes, as long as they are in excellent condition, not marked/stained and with no names written on them. It is very important that they come from a smoke free home.

Do you take DVDs?
Yes, children’s DVD’s not adult.

Do you take car seats?
Yes, as long as they ARE IN DATE (very important that they must be less than 8 years old)

Do you ever get feedback from the children?
At a pack drop off, where 3 young girls had just come into care, one young girl ran off to another room just as I came in the door. She was afraid that I was there to take them away. The carer was lovely and explained I was there to drop off things they might needed. A few minutes later the young girl, who had been watching from a doorway, as I quietly explained to her sister about the pack, ran back into the room and snatched the tooth brush from her sister saying: “I get it first” It turned out that they had never had a new toothbrush each and had been sharing one before coming into care, taking daily turns to use it. When I explained that there was a pack each of them she was completely silent and sat rocking with tears in her eyes. Later the carer called and said that this was a turning point for that young person who said that she “didn’t think anyone really cared for her until she got the kit.” As the carer put it “It was just that someone who wasn’t being paid cared about kids like her, that really made her think that life could get better and now she has stopped wanting to run away.”
On another occasion, one young man who we gave a quilt to wrote a thank you that said “No one ever thought so much of me that they gave me something that they done themselves.”





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