When a child moves to a new home they don’t always come with many clothes and it can take a little while before the clothing grant arrives.  We have a wonderful bunch of volunteers who put together shopping bags filled with a range of items for a specific age.  We accept new and very good condition clothes which have been recently washed and comes from smoke free homes.  As we do this in our spare time, it would make the world of difference if we knew that the goods we receive have been washed and if possible, were already sorted into ages with a sign on the box or bag.  We can’t stress enough that the clothing is NOT ripped or stained in any way as we believe it is important for the gifter to understand that when you have little, holes or stains in clothes do not help the self esteem of the child.


  • New or very good condition 2nd hand clothing
  • Please ensure 2nd hand clothing has been RECENTLY WASHED
  • Newborn to 17 years
  • From a smoke free home
  • No rips or stains please
  • Sorted into ages if possible

Here is a list of some of the volunteers where you can deliver your clothing.  Once sorted and bagged, these will be collected or delivered to social workers or foster agencies to give to children going into care.



c/o Puttsgreen Florist
45 Kerikeri Road

Auckland – North

Paremoremo Village:   Mandy – 66 Hitchcock Cres, Paremoremo. (next to # 14 The Oval) The carport is the left side in front of garage. Go through side gate to the left of carport and leave on back doorstep.

Forrest Hill: Judy – 18 Baltimore Place, Forrest Hill.

Auckland – West

South Head: Christine – 99 McLeod Road,  South Head, Waioneke

Massey:  Margaret – 47 Colwill Rd, Massey East. Leave at front door if not home.

Auckland – East

Beachlands: Debbie  83 Jack Lachlan Drive, Beachlands, Auckland 2018.  Any items can be left at the front door if not home. 


Auckland – South

Mt Wellington: Sheree – 4 Coppins Rd, Mt Wellington. Pop goods at the front conservatory door (please tuck them in the corner so it is sheltered)

Pukekohe:  Joy – 34 Douglas Rd, Pukekohe.


26b Rawhiti Street
Down driveway, right house.  Can leave at front door if not home.



c/o WISH B&B
38 Edgeware Road
St Albans, 8014
Phone: 03 356 2455


 Not everyone can be a foster parent, but ANYONE can help a foster child.

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