Ngarie Worsley
Ngarie WorsleyChristchurch Co-Ordinator

I’ve been involved with Foster Hope almost since the beginning. Inspired by the idea that Sam and Louise shared on Facebook I innocently took on South Island as they told me “it would take about an hour a week”… now I just do Christchurch and it takes a bit longer than that!

My day job is running Wish B and B, being a Grandma to 3 and Mum to 2 and occasional Foster Carer to children with high needs. My background is in teaching, child psychology and development.  One of those big challenges in Christchurch has been the ongoing quakes but this also increased our support and made us better at linking up with other groups and sharing resources.

I say that the best part of being involved in Foster Hope is seeing how even a small item like a toothbrush can make a huge difference to a child.

“Don’t donate money or buy us items, until you’ve shopped your home and passed on as new items or re-gifted that you don’t need as it’s better for the planet!”

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Ngarie Worsley 
c/o WISH B&B
38 Edgeware Road
St Albans, 8014
Phone: 021 1092177

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