If you visit Community Power and request a quote and then decide to switch.  They will pay us 1c for every kilowatt that you use while you’re with them.  This can add up very quickly particularly if you’re a business.   

Community Power is a Social Enterprise company that shares its profits with the community.

Their aim is to improve the lives of real people in their communities by giving you the opportunity to donate and help others from the money you are already spending, without it costing you any more than you are already paying. You may even pay less and save some money yourself.

They do this by being an approved, electricity retailer, able to supply electricity to households and businesses throughout New Zealand. Yes just like the big power companies, but without the expensive overheads. They use these savings together with lower profit margins for their shareholders, to enable you to share the profits they make from your account with your community.

Simply switch your electricity to Community Power and your donation will start accruing right away. You won’t pay any more and you may even get to pay less. Join us and join the social enterprise and sharing economy sweeping the globe.

Community Power is a division of Plus Energy Limited, is 100% New Zealand owned and operates from Auckland, New Zealand.

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