Adopt an Agency

Are you aware that most children in care arrive at their new homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs or with their belongings in a black rubbish sack? Let’s change this!

Foster Hope is a registered New Zealand charity, established in 2010 to tackle this problem of children in care not having the necessities of life when entering new foster homes. Throughout the year Foster Hope’s volunteer coordinators around the country ensure these vulnerable kids are provided with new toothbrushes, toothpaste, underwear, books, soap, shampoo etc, all in a nice backpack. Collections are made from donor companies and individuals then distributed via agencies like Oranga Tamariki, Barnardos and Open Home Foundation.

Additionally, Foster Hope has two significant annual events, their winter Pyjama Drive and the Christmas gift drive each November. Foster Hope promotes the drives and collects items in a similar way to the backpacks.

Assist with Pyjama and Christmas Gift Drives

Being the collection point for the drives places considerable logistical pressure on Foster Hope. Items come in from many locations and then go out again to agencies.

‘Adopt an Agency’ is a programme Foster Hope proposes to implement where businesses and other organisations step in as the collection point for agencies in their area.

How We See it Working

We will suggest local agencies to you, based on the size and location of your organisation. If you decide to adopt an agency, you promote the collection of PJ’s and gifts throughout your staff, customers, suppliers, contractors and staff family and friends. Foster Hope will provide social media tools and email templates for you to contact your networks and promote on your social media.

Organisations can also promote offline – e.g. signs and/or collection boxes at reception.

Items are brought into your office / premises as the collection point, then delivered to your adopted agency once the drive end date is reached (or the agency comes to you, whichever arrangement you come to).

Agency Champion(s) – appointed by you to coordinate and drive the collections efforts.

Ongoing relationship – you and the agency can continue to build your relationship outside of the drives and outside of Foster Hope if valuable to both parties.

Benefits to Foster Hope

  • A more efficient system of distribution to agencies – local businesses working with local agencies

Benefits to your business or organisation

  • Help bring lasting change in the community, being part of breaking the cycle of neglect and poverty

  • Build profile as a caring corporate citizen

  • Increase staff engagement through active participation in this charitable cause

  • No financial contribution to Foster Hope required (although always welcomed!)